Corporate Donor Advised Funds

Assisting Businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility

Michael Porter and Mark Kramer turned our thinking on corporate philanthropy on its head in their brilliant 2006 Harvard Business Review article  ”Strategy and Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility”. The article not only won the 2006 McKinsey Award but has become necessary reading in every MBA and professional Director training course.

In this article, Michael Porter and Mark Kramer propose a fundamentally new way to look at the relationship between business and society that does not treat corporate growth and social welfare as a zero-sum game. They introduce a framework that individual companies can use to identify the social consequences of their actions; to discover opportunities to benefit society and themselves by strengthening the competitive context in which they operate; to determine which Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives they should address; and to find the most effective ways of doing so. Perceiving social responsibility as an opportunity rather than as damage control or a PR campaign requires dramatically different thinking—a mind-set, the authors warn, that will become increasingly important to competitive success.

However, many businesses struggle with the multiple demands of industry, employees, shareholders and markets.  The Cidel Foundation can assist you and your company with creating and managing a corporate social responsibility fund.

Your Corporate Fund

Your business can create its own Corporate Donor Advised Fund at the Cidel Foundation.  Cidel will work with you on your charitable gifting program, manage the gifts, and issue a charitable donation tax receipt for your gifts.  We will also work with you on appropriate recognition of your charitable gifts.

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