Corporate Matching Program

Many employers today seek to align themselves with their employees by creating a corporate matching gift program.  These programs are effective in engaging and supporting the personal passions of employees. Many programs offer a 1:1 match with employee gifts; that is, for every dollar an employee gifts to charity, the employer will match the gift (often with a ceiling).

These programs are usually managed by the Human Resources department. A Cidel Foundation flow-through is a good alternative for you to consider. Your employees would make a donation to your Corporate Donor Advised Fund during the year.  Annually, we will advise you of the amounts donated by your employees.  We will then arrange for the employee and employer matching gift to be made to the appropriate charities.


Cidel Foundation Corporate Donor Advised Fund Matching Program removes the administrative burden from you and your team. Your employees make their donation to your Corporate Donor Advised Fund and name their charity of choice. We will send them a charitable donation gift receipt. At year end, we will advise you on what the matching donation is within the parameters of the program. Cidel reports to you as to which charities are selected.

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