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Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, insurance advisors, and family officers are key to helping donors’ achieve their philanthropic goals.  Expertise, discretion, service, and customization are key concerns for donors and advisors and are core attributes of our Donor Advised Fund.  When you choose The Cidel Foundation to assist your clients, you can be confident of recommending the highest level of service, including:

    • Custom, bespoke solutions: we aren’t a big box financial institution – everything we do is tailored for the unique needs of our clients.  The Cidel Foundation is no different.
    • Expertise on accepting complex gifts, like securities, real estate and alternative assets;
    • Open architecture for investments;
    • Flexibility in granting: we can handle any time frame for giving – flow-through gifts, spend-down gifts over a period of years, endowment funds, and funds building up to a level for the donors to transfer to their own private foundation;
    • Anonymity or recognition: we can provide a platform for recognition of grants from the foundation or provide anonymity, on a gift by gift basis;
    • Confidence in the security of charitable assets: assets can be gifted with assurance as to their safety.   Cidel Trust Company, the trustee of The Cidel Trust, is a regulated financial institution;
    • Reporting:

Interim and Quarterly Statements
Cidel has an advanced reporting system. In addition to providing time-weighted quarterly statements, Cidel has the ability to generate interim statements at any time. The client may elect to have statements delivered by post, email, or Web Access.
The statements can reflect consolidated reporting for assets that are under Cidel portfolio management, as well as positions that are held as self-directed, or under management elsewhere. Our statements are easy to read and fully transparent. All transaction activity is fully disclosed at all times.

Monthly Performance Figures
The Portfolio is priced monthly in arrears. Performance figures are sent to clients via email in a fact sheet containing portfolio statistics and highlights.

Web Access
All clients receive a login and password for viewing their account on a 24/7 basis. Clients can generate secure email messages to their Cidel representative from their Web account. In addition, Web banking offers access to monthly investment commentaries and other portfolio information. Please visit and click on “Test Drive Web Banking” for a Web banking demonstration.


Winding up a private foundation

Many families have started a private foundation and found the administrative requirements to be burdensome. We would be happy to talk with you about converting such private foundations into a bespoke Family Fund.

Perhaps we should talk.

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