Your Family Fund


Gifts to your Family Donor Advised Fund are eligible for charitable donation tax receipts.


Your Family Donor Advised Funds are invested on a tax-free basis. In other words, the capital donated grows inside a tax-exempt entity, allowing for faster growth. The income generated by the funds inside the foundation are not restricted to 75% of donor income, as would be the case if the funds were held outside the charity (where a 75% of income limit on donations exists).


We’ve heard some terrific stories about children and grandchildren researching and presenting on their charity of choice!  The granting decisions can be a vital way for you to have a meaningful conversation with your family about what philanthropy means to you.  It can give you the opportunity to mentor your children in philanthropy and demonstrate your values to them in a positive and stress-free situation. Many families make the choice of grant recipients a family event.

What happens after you are gone?  You or your executor can name a person or persons to step in as the grant requester.  These individuals then carry on the Family Donor Advised Fund.  Or, you can choose to crystallize the fund at the time of your death – naming the charities that you would like to see benefit from you Family Donor Advised Fund in perpetuity.


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