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Acknowledgement or privacy – your choice

When you make a grant recommendation, you will have the choice of being recognized as the benefactor or remaining anonymous – your choice.   Our grant letter to the recipient charity has the flexibility of letting you provide your name so the charity can thank you personally , or you can protect your privacy by choosing to remain anonymous.

Making a gift of publicly traded shares

Consider making your gift to your Family Donor Advised Fund by transferring publicly traded stocks or mutual funds. You will qualify for a charitable donation tax credit for the value of the gift in addition to no capital gains as a result of the transfer.

Many small but worthy charities struggle with accepting direct gifts of stock or mutual funds. By using your Family Donor Advised Fund, you can easily move those securities and grant the cash proceeds to the charities of your choice.

When you are ready to make your gift, we make it easy – send a cheque, wire funds, or transfer your appreciated publicly traded stock or shares, units of a mutual fund trust – we will take it from there!


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